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Daddy's Home by A.K.Alexander

Daddy's Home is a crime thriller about a man who befriends single mothers so that he can get close to her children, hence the title "Daddy's Home".

But unlike a real Daddy, this Daddy turns nasty and kills them when things are not going well for him. The San Diego Police Department are investigating the murders and trying to track the killer down, but none more so than Crime Scene Investigator Holly Jennings, herself a single mom, whose best friend and her family become a victim of this evil entity known as "The Family Man".

Holly is also fighting her own personal demons, feeling guilt for the death of her husband while resisting an affair with an attractive veterinarian Brendan O'Neill.

Full of twists and turns, this book can move the reader to tears at times, dealing as it does with such sensitive issues as child murders.

Daddy's Home seems to be a book you'll either love or hate, if you can ignore the typos and errors throughout the book.

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