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Public Administration by S Polinaidu 

Public Administration
  • Publisher: Galgotia Publication
  • ISBN-13: 9788175154704
  • No. of Pages: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English

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    About The Book :

    Introduces key administrative concepts and ideas and explains them in simple and easily understandable language.

    Provides and concise introduction to the theories of leading administrative thinkers, with brief information about their lives and key books.

    Covers some new topics – state Vs market debate, Minnowbrook II perspective, New Management, and citizen's charter.

    Each chapter is preceded by section learning objectives, and followed by exercises which cover comprehensively the U.P.S.C. Civil services preliminary and main examinations specimen questions in public administration relevant to the chapters concerned. These are useful in guiding the aspirants to the civil services.

    Includes a list of APPSC-Group-I services examinations papers in public administration. Paper-I from 1985 to 2003. These questions serve a useful purpose in giving guidance to the aspirants to these services.

    Includes a glossary of theoretical administrative terms at the end of the book. The book will serve as a useful textbook for the U.K. Students.

    About The Author :

    S. Polinaidu is former head of the Department of Political Science at Mrs. A.V.N. College, Visakhapatnam (A.P.) Since 1963 he had taught Political Science and Public Administration to the U.G. Students until his retirement in May 1998. He has been closely associated with distance education programmes of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, Andhra University School of Distance Education, Visakhapatnam, and Nagarjuna University, Guntur as a course writier and resource person in Political Science and Public Administration. He co-authored Elements of Modern Public Administration, edited Intermediate Civics, and authored Public Administration: Concepts and Theories. Currently he is closely associated with the distance education programme of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad.

    Table Of Contents :
        • Meaning, Nature and Scope of Public Administration
        • Significance of Public Administration
        • Role and Importance of Public Administration in Developing Countries, Differences between Public Administration in Developed and developing Societies – The Impact of New Liberalized Economic Policies on the Role of the State and Public Administration
        • Public and Private Administration: Differences and Similarities
        • Public Administration as an Art, a Science and a Philosophy
        • Evolution and Status of the Discipline of Public Administration
        • State Versus Market Debate
        • New Public Administration: Minnowbrook I and II Perspectives
        • New Public Management perspective
        • Exercise
    Approaches to the Study of Public administration
        • Philosophical Approach
        • Legal Approach
        • Historical Approach
        • Case-Method Approach
        • Behavioural Approach
        • Ecological Approach
        • Structural-Functional and the Institutional Approaches
        • Systems Approach: Opened and Closed Systems
        • Public-choice Approach
        • Critical Theory Perspective
        • Exercise
    Relations of Public Administration with Other Social Sciences
        • Public Administration and Political Science
        • Public Administration and Law
        • Public Administration and Sociology
        • Public Administration and Economics
        • Public Administration and psychology
        • Exercise
    Basic Concepts and Principles
        • Organization – Bases of Organization
        • Division of Work
        • Coordination
        • Hierarchy
        • unity of Command
        • Span of Control
        • Authority and Responsibility
        • Centralization and Decentralization
        • Headquarters and Field Relationship
        • Delegation
        • Delegated/Subordinate Legislation
        • Supervision
        • Line Agencies, Staff agencies and Auxiliary Agencies
        • Public Relations
        • Citizen's Charter
        • Planning
        • Exercise
    Theories of Administration: Classical and Neo-Classical
        • Wilson's Vision of Public Administration: Politics-Administration Dichotomy Theory
        • Scientific Management: Taylor and Scientific Management Movement
        • Classical Theory of Organizations: Henri Fayol, Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick and Others
        • Bureaucratic Theory: Weber and his critics
        • Ideas of Karl and Michels on Bureaucracy
        • Human Relations school (approach): Elton Mayo
        • Exercise
    Theories of Administration: Behavioral and Social-Psychological
        • Ideas of Mary Parker Follett
        • Ideas of Chester I. Barnard (1886-1961)
        • Public Policy: Public Administration as Public Policy
        • Theory 'X' and Theory 'Y': McGregor
        • Systems of Management 1-4: Likert
        • Immaturity-Maturity Theory: Chris Argyris
        • A Critique of Administrative Theories
        • Exercise
    Administrative Behaviour
        • Decision-Making with Special Reference to H. Simon
        • Communication and Control
        • Leadership Theories
        • Theories of Motivation (Maslow and Herzberg)
        • Exercise
    Comparative Public Administration (CPA) (With Special Reference to Riggs)
        • Meaning, Purpose, Nature and Scope of Comparative
        • Models (Approaches) of CPA
        • Fred W. Riggs on Comparative Public Administration
        • Exercise
    Development Administration (With Special Reference to Riggs and Weidner)
        • Origin, Meaning, Purpose, Nature and Functions of Development Administration
        • Changing Profile of Development Administration
        • Rigg's Views on Development Administration with Reference to his Prismatic-Sala Model for Development Administration
        • Weidner's Ideas on Development Administration

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