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The next year's JEE is going to be an extraordinarily tough one because of the high intensity clouds of doubts looming large. It's almost 9 months from now when it will be held - but of which the format is highly uncertain. Guiding Light is closely following the problem being faced by the aspirants who are preparing for 2013. In order to search for a suitable methodology to tackle this,we have interacted with several successful candidates who have secured ranks from 700 to 5559 in IIT-JEE '12.
The following method of preparation is recommended.

The books of HC Verma should be done thoroughly (theory should be treated in equivalence to the numerical part) and it should be backed by the NCERT books. The latter should be in fact enjoyed which would also mildly revise the whole syllabus along with preparing you for the board exams.

The NCERT books should be done thoroughly first and these should be followed by exercises given in the books - RC Mukherjee (Physical Chemistry), Arihant (Organic & Inorganic Chemistry).

The book by ML Khanna (Section/Level 1) should be completed on asap basis and then one should attempt its Section/Level2. At this stage,after giving a pause one should go for NCERT books to get the feel of the subject again.

It is important that you must follow books aforementioned. The same applies to those who would take the test in 2014.

One can always strive for a higher level and go for foreign authors such as IE IRODOV for Physics, IA MARON for Calculus, SL LONEY for Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry, only when a basic groundwork has been done and moreover when one is left with ample time.

The above exercise should be done with complete interest .The rank of the candidate is ultimately decided by how quickly and efficiently the above regimen is followed with multiple cycles followed of the same.
- BG Sharma

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(Coming Soon: An interview with an IITJEE'12 achiever.)

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