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Based on syllabus and some sample questions papers of SAIL Management Trainee exam.

Here goes the studyplan
Syllabus TopicStudy-Source
100 (related to CA)No idea Sir-ji.
25 marks GK 
  1. Arihant’s GK Book 
  2. (Optional) Current affairs pack (Free download)
25 marks maths
  1. Mrunal’s Aptitude articles for clearing the basic concepts (Free)
  2. IBPS Manual of Disha Expert for practicing of Math sums.
25 marks reasoningSame ^ IBPS Manual, contains reasoning theory and practice sums.
25 marks englishSame ^ IBPS Manual, contains reasoning English Grammaer, comprehension.
Total 200 questions


GK 2013
  1. Instead of Disha publication, you can try IBPS manuals by Arihant or GK Publication, all of them are more or less the same, you just need any one of them to practice the variety of questions.
  2. One cannot master Maths or reasoning by reading books or solved example. Practice is essential. But Given that you’ve barely one month to go, it’d not be possible to cover all the questions from the IBPS manual, but still try to practice minimum 10-15 question of each theory / chapter / topic.
  3. Arihant’s GK book is only a fire-fighting solution, otherwise decent preparation for such exams would require good command over current-affairs. Because usually these Banks and PSU-wallas ask more from the current affairs based GK (eg. awards, books, economy, business & computer tit-bits) than from the static GK (history, Constitution etc)

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