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You Too Can Become An I.P.S. Offficer

(Paperback) by Sylendra C. Babu
Publisher: sura college of competition (2007-03-30)

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An Exciting Journey to the Exhibition

Books are good friends of man, and we, Solomon and Sai Shri, R, of I BSc Pb&Pbt, good friends, were searching for good friends and got two best friends.

You Too Can Become An IPS Officer

Title of the book itself is highly motivational and the author of the book is an IPS Officer - C.Sylendra Baby, IPS. The three important things printed on the paperback - "SERVICE, ADVENTURE, SACRIFICE" creates an enthusiasm and a zing for the young readers.

The cost of the book is just Rs.67/- which is quite affordable.

The first chapter 'Dear Reader' starts with a quote "Nothing succeeds like success" which builds up confidence in the minds of readers as soon as he/she opens this book. The author says that the reader should be passionate for becoming an IPS officer.

IPS - Indian Police Service - briefs upon the history of IPS.

Anyone who is selected to this service can keep these three letters after his/her name to convey the message that he/she belongs to this rare and prestigious IPS.

The author tries to teach leadership or commandership qualities by quoting words of Field Marshal Sir Phillips Chetwood which means to say that you must bother about your countrymen and then the men you command, and you must be least bothered about your own security, as a good officer.

He doesn't give any details about the salary given to an IPS officer, as salary is not a criteria for great, courageous and honourable service - the IPS.

This book gives details about the plan of examination, the subjects and the eligibility criteria.
The author advises the reader about method of study - the PQRST method.
P - Preview
Q - Question
R - Read
S - Self-recitation
T - Testing
and how to keep good health.
The author even gives information about cadre allocation.
The author says that we can if we think we can.
The last page of the paperback gives details about the author and his bravery which creates an everlasting zing in our minds.

The nation's security is so important for its growth and development.

If everybody wants to become a doctor, a chartered accountant, or an engineer, who will guard our nation? So, we must salute and respect the officers and jawans guarding our mental peace by guarding our nation.

After reading this book, we feel that we are being pulled to do our best to become an IPS Officer.
Pixie Hollow
We found this beautiful book in Gifts Book Stall

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam believes that the future of our motherland lies in the hands of young people. This book helps to develop ecocentric thoughts in the minds of children.
As a result, when the children grow up, they'll be ecocentric nad will spread environmental awareness. It has got lots of green pictures which the kids will like. This book is a fairy tale book that kids love. As this book makes the children to be ecocentric, which will result in making ecocentric Indian citizens of the future, we love this book.

A man's character depends upon his friends and the books he reads!

Details of Book: You Too Can Become An I.P.S. Offficer

Book:You Too Can Become An I.P.S. Offficer
Author:Sylendra C. Babu





Publishing Date:2007-03-30
Publisher:sura college of competition

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