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Principles of Macroeconomics


Jain T. R. Ohri V. K. Majhi B. D.

Publisher: Vk Publications (2012)
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Book Summary of Principles of Macroeconomics
Table of Contents
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to National Income Accounting
  • Measurement of National Income and Related Aggregates
  • Some Basic Concept Relating to National Income Determination
  • Consumption and Investment: A Comprehensive View
  • National Income Determination in a Two Sector Economy (Short Run Analysis)
  • Multiplier
  • National Income Determination: A Four Sector Open Economy Model
  • Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and Macroeconomics Equilibrium in the Short Run
  • Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and the Long Run Equilibrium
  • Money-Defition and Functions
  • Money Supply and Expansion of Credit Money
  • Demand for Money and Monetary Equilibrium
  • Money and Prices-Quantity Theory and Keynesian Theory of Money
  • Monetary Policy
  • IS-LM Analysis
  • Balance of Payments
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Appendix
  • University Question Papers

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