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A Textbook of Matrices by Shanti Narayan, P. K. Mittal

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A Textbook of Matrices


Shanti Narayan

P. K. Mittal

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Publisher: S Chand & Company Ltd (1953)
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Book Summary of A Textbook of Matrices

For B.Sc. and B.A. Students 1. Illustrative Solved Examples 2. Questions upto 2004 of various universities. 3. Objective type questions as per the syllabi of different universities 4. Fill in the blanks for the practice of students

Table of Contents
  • Fundamnetal Concepts
  • Algebra of Matrices
  • Determinants
  • Rank of a Matrix
  • Vector spaces of n-Tuples and their Linear Trnasformations
  • Systems of Linear Equations
  • Quadratic Forms and Congruence of Matrices
  • Quadratic Forms in the Real Field
  • Hermitian Matrices and Forms
  • Orthogonal Matrices: Unitary Matrices
  • Characteristics Roots and Characteristics Vectors of a Matrix
  • Orthogonal and Unitary Reductions of Quadratic Forms
  • Similarity of Matrices
  • Appendix

Details of Book: A Textbook of Matrices

Book:A Textbook of Matrices
Author:Shanti Narayan, P. K. Mittal




Publishing Date:1953
Publisher:S Chand & Company Ltd
Number of Pages:320
Dimensions:9.49 x 6.57 x 0.47 inches
Weight:379 grams

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