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Being Better than Your Best

How could anyone possibly be better than his or her best, you ask? What could you do that would be even better than what you?re already doing?

Have you every felt you weren?t quite living up to your potential but just didn?t know how to go beyond your current level of achievement? Being Better than Your Best shows you how to:

Recreate yourself to stay motivated to reach your goals.
Raise your own bar and blast through the fear of failure.
Solve problems more effectively by using the 90/10 formula.
Redefine work and move on from struggle.
Create a new heart in business and improve your relationships.
Balance work and home life to be happier and more successful.

Yes! You can become better than your best. As you do, you?ll find a greater sense of joy, purpose, and meaning in your personal and professional life.

Read Being Better Than Your Best and make it happen?for you!
Danny and Marie Lena practice what they preach. This dynamic husband and wife team has dedicated itself to helping others recreate themselves. As hosts of their own radio show, they interview authors, luminaries, business leaders, and innovators worldwide to discover new ways to help us raise our own bars to create a happier, safer, more productive worlds

Book Description

This book can help you improve your personal, professional, and business relationships by being better than your best!
If you are seeking to advance to a higher position or level of achievement—or simply desiring to be more respected and appreciated by your coworkers, associates, and leaders—this book will redefine the way you approach your business or profession and help you discover how others view your performance.
If you are an executive or leader desiring to elevate your performance level and that of your team or associates, this book will give you new ideas about motivation, persistence, effectiveness, and efficiency. By recognizing key factors, you can help your support staff and associates raise their level of creativity and productivity as well as your own.
If you sell a product or service, or present an opportunity, the SELL Formula and the 90/10 Formula will help you overcome objections and encourage you to press on. Learn how to create and retain positive, valuable, business relationships that help sell you to others.
If you are a manager, you will learn to solve conflicts, reduce negativity, resolve the home/work struggle, and reach goals with easy-to-follow formulas and techniques.
If you are self-employed, full or part time, you will gain boldness and fortitude, and elevate your business to a higher level. You’ll discover how to promote yourself and present your ideas, avoid procrastination, stick to a timeline, and overcome obstacles to reach your goals.
If you are a coach or athlete, you will raise your own bar, helping to bring out your team’s potential by playing with inspiration, not desperation. You’ll learn how to solve internal problems and persist until you succeed.
If you are a student, you will learn to overcome the fear of being who you really are. You’ll learn not to worry about what others may think of you. You will discover how to excel by using your natural talents and abilities. You’ll be prepared to make a difference in the world!
If you are a teacher, you will learn tools to motivate yourself and your students. You’ll be able to avoid burnout and look forward to every day of teaching—like you may have when you first started!
If you are starting over and looking to recreate yourself, this book will help you deal with the past and move on with a fresh start. You’ll learn to be comfortable with who you really are. You’ll discover how to achieve what you have always desired, including improved relationships and even have more self-confidence!
Why wait? Start now!
Keep the words of John Wooden in mind, "Success is peace of mind in knowing you did your best."

About the Author

Authors and dynamic professionals, Danny and Marie Lena are living examples of people practicing what they preach. As President and Director of PEP Programs, this dynamic husband and wife team has dedicated their lives to helping others recreate themselves. Married for over 19 years and working together for over 23, the Lenas’ animated, inspirational presentations delight thousands of people annually.As hosts of their own radio show on the Internet, Danny and Marie interview authors, luminaries, business leaders, and innovators worldwide to discover new ways to raise our own bar to create a happier, safer, more productive world. The Lenas have authored several books on personal safety and empowerment, as well as workbooks on personal success.
They are both karate black belts and gourmet cooks, and they live in Chicago, Illinois, with their five-pound Maltese puppy-dog, Tina.

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