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Medical  Physiology by Gyston

Book Summary of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology

This new edition continues "Guyton's" long tradition as one of the world's favorite physiology textbooks, presenting complex principles in language that is easy to read and understand. Now with an improved color art program, thorough updates to reflect modern medicine and science, and accessible online at, it continues to be an excellent source for mastering essential human physiology knowledge.
Salient Features
1. Learn and remember vital concepts easily thanks to short, easy-to-read, masterfully edited chapters and a user-friendly full-color design.
2. Extra-depth material (anatomical, chemical, clinical and other material) highlighted with gray shading to indicate material that may be useful for further understanding but is not essential to the main subject.
3. Discover the newest physiology principles with updated content that reflects the latest advances in molecular biology.
4. Discover the newest physiology principles with updated content that reflects the latest advances in molecular biology.
5. Access the complete contents online at
About the Author
John E. Hall PhD, Guyton Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS.
Table of Contents
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Physiology: The Cell and General Physiology
  • Unit II: Membrane Physiology, Nerve and Muscle
  • Unit III: The Heart
  • Unit IV: The Circulation
  • Unit V: The Body Fluids and Kidneys
  • Unit VI: Blood Cells, Immunity, and Blood Coagulation
  • Unit VII: Respiration
  • Unit VIII: Aviation, Space, and Deep-Sea Diving Physiology
  • Unit IX: The Nervous System: A. General Principles and Sensory Physiology
  • Unit X: The Nervous System: B. The Special Senses
  • Unit XI: The Nervous System: C. Motor and Integrative Neurophysiology
  • Unit XII: Gestrointestinal Physiology
  • Unit XIII: Metabolism and Temperature Regulation
  • Unit XIV: Endocrinology and Reproduction
  • Unit XV: Sports Physiology
  • Index

Size: 22.29 MB
Pages: 1152
Format: PDF
Chapters: 84

The first edition of the Textbook of Medical Physiology was written by Arthur C.Guyton almost 50 years ago. Unlike many major medical textbooks, which often have 20 or more authors, the first
eight editions of the Textbook of Medical Physiology were written entirely by Dr. Guyton with
each new edition arriving on schedule for nearly 40 years. Over the years, Dr. Guyton’s textbook
became widely used throughout the world and was translated into 13 languages.
A major reason for the book’s unprecedented success was his uncanny ability to explain complex physiologic principles in language easily understood by students. His main goal with each edition was to instruct students in physiology, not to impress his professional colleagues. His writing style always maintained
the tone of a teacher talking to his students.



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