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Batman: Arkham City


Paul Dini


Carlos D'anda

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Publisher: Dc Comics (2011)
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Book Summary of Batman: Arkham City

Over A Year Has Passed 
Since a massive battle between Batman and the joker tore Gotham City's insane asylum apart, leaving Gotham Without a place to store its ever-restless population of the criminally insane. And the new government in the city is making things worse. Declaring a state of emergency mayor sharp walls off a massive portion of Gotham and leaves even the most violent inmates to walk the streets freely in the new Arkham City.

The quarantined area quickly becomes a dangerous land of warring gangs and surreal violence. The Penguin, The joker. Poison lvy. Solomon Grundy. Even Catwoman joins the fray, sensing the treasure trove of riches such villains amass.

Knowing that such lawless anarchy will invariably spill out from the prison-city into the streets of Gotham proper, Batman infiltrates this urban wasteland, to do what he does best..

About The Author
For fifteen years, a lurking man in a black in a black cape has heavily shadowed Paul Dini's writing career. In addition to Detective comics, Dini has written and co-produced the Emmy award-winning television shows Batman: The Animated series and Batman Beyond as well as the hit video game Batman: Arkham Asylum and the Upcoming Sequel Batman: Arkham City. In what little time he has spent outside the Batcave, Dini has also written for the ABC series Lost and his own creations jingle Belle and Madame Mirage. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, magician misty Lee, and their dapper and distinguished Boston terrier, worf.

After graduating rom art school in 1996 carlos D'Anda joined Wild storm productions. Originally and illustrator and concept artist wild storm's licensing department, he has gone on to draw numerous titles, including Brass with Richard Bennett, Wildcats, Lego bionicle. Thundercats, starcraft, Jla: Classified and Deathblow with Brian Azzarello. Expanding beyond comic books, he has also done work on the Emmy nominated tomb raider webisodes, design and art direction on the DC Unvese online game Green latern: Rise of the Manhunters, and most recently, doing character design for the award-winning Batman: Arkham Asylum and upcoming Batman: Arkham city video games.

Carlos lives in san diego next to a break fast fafe and enjoys the sweet, sweet smell of bacon every morning.

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