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India's Biggest Cover Up

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Publisher: Vitasta Publishing (2012)
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Bharat Samrat: Only some authors have capacity to send you for a time travel, but rare are the ones who accompany you in that time travel as your guide. Shri Anuj Dhar is one of those rare species ( of authors). In India’s Biggest Cover up , the language is simple to understand and facts are easy to digest. During reading you will find as if author is talking t
o you individually, as if he is giving you an account of some important incident. He knows beforehand the questions going to arise in the mind of his readers, so he is ready with the answers in very next paragraph. He is not just giving some rare information but instead presenting facts, because facts require proofs, which he has given via photo copies of several important documents, some of which belong to “TOP SECRET” class. For reading India’s Biggest Cover up you need not be a NETAJI’s fan/follower.

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Biswaroop Ghosh: After reading this book, nobody can have any doubt that Netaji did not die in the Taihoku plane crash, and lived in the disguise of Bhagwanji till 1985. The book is a fruit of a lot of research and hard work, and includes references and proofs from government records, information obtained through RTI, confessions of witnesses and newspaper articles.

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