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Test of reasoning occupies a prime place of importance in most of the job recruitment exams as well as in many college entrance exams these days. Name any recruitment exams and you would almost invariably find a paper on test of reasoning. Same is the case with the entrance exams of many top notch colleges. The only difference between test of reasoning held for these exams is that, more renowned an organisation/college is, tougher would be the questions asked.

What is test of reasoning?
Test of reasoning is invariably an objective type (i.e. multiple choice) test which tests your logical ability to interpret a given question/situation and finding out the best answer out of the answer options (generally four options) given.

Test of reasoning are of following types:
Numerical Reasoning: Numerical questions (involving numbers).
Verbal Reasoning: Verbal questions (involving words).
Abstract Reasoning: Patterns questions (involving symbols/diagrams).
Diagrammatic Reasoning: Diagrammatic questions (involving diagrams).

Of the above, Diagrammatic Reasoning is some what very similar to Abstract Reasoning, since in both tests, questions involves diagrams. But Diagrammatic Reasoning consists more of questions on flowchart and pseudo-code logic and is therefore restricted to the selection of IT specialists.

As the name implies, test of reasoning is more to judge your power to reason out the similarity/ dissimilarity/ patterns etc. in questions rather than judging your knowledge on mathematics/vocabulary etc. Thus even if you have average knowledge on mathematics/vocabulary, you can do well in the test of reasoning, provided your practice well.

Numerical reasoning test has a very close cousin called Quantitative Aptitude test, which tests your prowess in numerical skills while Verbal reasoning test has a similar cousin called Verbal Aptitude test, which tests your prowess in vocabulary.

In many competitive exams (both for recruitment as well as for admissions), since Numerical reasoning/ Quantitative Aptitude as well as Verbal reasoning/ Verbal Aptitude tests are so closely related, very often test of reasoning paper has questions from Quantitative Aptitude as well as Verbal Aptitude. This blog post however covers test of reasoning only and Quantitative Aptitude/Verbal Aptitude would be covered in a future blog post.

Let us go deeper into each ob above four type of test of reasoning and find sample question papers & preparatory books on the same.

Numerical Reasoning Questions:
Types of questions asked in Numerical Reasoning are:
i) Missing number in the number series.
ii) Questions involving percentages.
iii) Questions involving ratios.
iv) Questions involving proportions.
v) Questions involving fractions.
vi) Questions involving decimals.

Numerical Reasoning Sample Papers:

Verbal Reasoning:
Verbal Reasoning questions presents to you a situation in words and asks you to interpret them logically. Verbal Reasoning questions types are reading comprehensions, complex statements (like those of finding relations) etc.

Verbal Reasoning Sample Papers:

Download Verbal Reasoning Sample Question Paper by

Abstract Reasoning Tests:
These questions use symbols arranged in a straight line or in a pattern and you are required to identify the missing symbol or the next in the sequence. They test your ability to identify patterns presented in diagrammatic form and are not dependent on your knowledge of English or maths.

Abstract Reasoning Sample Papers:

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests:
These reasoning tests are usually restricted to the selection of IT specialists. Diagrammatic Reasoning questions measure your ability to:
Infer rules from a diagram and then apply those rules to a new situation
Follow a series of logical instructions presented using symbols
Follow flowchart or pseudo-code logic

Diagrammatic Reasoning Sample Papers:

Test of reasoning preparatory books:
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Hope with above information you would be able to do well in the Test of Reasoning paper. It is worth mentioning again that key to do well in Test of Reasoning paper is to practice the tests as much as possible.


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