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Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat

Revolution 2020


Chetan Bhagat

 3247 Ratings  
Publisher: Rupa & Co (2011)
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Book Summary of Revolution 2020

In the news on '19/05/12' in 'HINDUSTAN TIMES'
In the news on '26/05/12' in 'HINDUSTAN TIMES'
In the news on '19/05/12' in 'HINDUSTAN TIMES, JAIPUR'
In the news on '09/05/12' in 'HINDUSTAN TIMES, LUCKNOW'
In the news on '26/05/12' in 'HINDUSTAN TIMES, MUMBAI'  
In the news on '26/05/12' in 'HINDUSTAN TIMES, NEW DELHI' 
Revolution 2020 is a gripping and fast paced novel about love, corruption and ambition. The story delves into the underbelly of a small town, Varanasi, and explores the various hues in the characters of the protagonists in it. Bhagat unearths the darker side of the education system, and for that matter, love too.
In the small and historic town of Varanasi in India, two boys Raghav and Gopal fall in love with the same girl, Aarti. Both of them are intelligent, ambitious and are the best of friends, but destiny has something else in store for them. One of them wants to use his intelligence to make a lot of money and the other wants to create a revolution; but again, their plans are disrupted by their love.
Gopal hails from a poor family and fails to get an admission to the best engineering colleges in the country. Heartbroken, he moves to Kota for a year to prepare for the exams. Raghav comes from a well-to-do family and achieves a good rank in JEE. Delighted, he joins IIT-BHU, one of the premier institutes of India, and embarks on his ambition to become a journalist. Aarti hails from a powerful bureaucratic family, and her aim is to become an airhostess. Aarti falls in love with Raghav while Gopal is at Kota.
The story starts when Gopal rises as the director of a new engineering college opened in Varanasi, with the power of MLA Shukla, a corrupt politician. He uses the legally strangled land of his uncle to manipulate and build the college. Raghav, on the other hand, completes his engineering and joins the largest selling newspaper Dainik as an intern. He starts shedding light on all the wrongdoings of Shukla and exposes him in public.
Things take a different turn when Aarti starts developing a soft corner for Gopal.
Who will win her love towards the end?
Will Raghav's crusade against the corrupt system fail?
Revolution 2020 is a gripping story of love, the corrupt educational system and clashing ambitions.
Revolution 2020 got mixed reviews from critics and readers. The book turned out to be yet another bestseller from the Chetan Bhagat stable.
About The Author
Chetan Bhagat is an Indian speaker, columnist and author. He quit his international investment banking career in the year 2009 to devote his entire time to writing.
Other popular Chetan Bhagat books are:
  • One Night @ the Call Centre
  • Five Point Someone
  • Three Mistakes of My Life
  • 2 States
All of Bhagat's books have been bestsellers since their release. He has a very light-hearted and simple way of writing. Though his books and columns have drawn sharp reviews from critics, he still enjoys a large fan base.
Chetan Bhagat is a graduate from IIT in New Delhi and a post graduate from IIM Ahmedabad; both institutes of high repute and distinction. He married his sweetheart Anusha Suryanarayan, whom he met at IIM-A, in the year 1999. Their love story was the inspiration for the book 2 States.

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