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The Incredible Banker

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Publisher: Rupa (2011)
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Book Summary of The Incredible Banker

The last book of the Banking Trilogy, The Incredible Banker by Ravi Subramanian is a gripping tale of passion, scandal, and fraud in the corporate world of banking.

Summary Of The Book

The Incredible Banker is part of Subramanian’s Banker Trilogy and is yet another racy novel that adds some twists, turns, and somersaults to an otherwise commonplace corporate setting. Greater Boston Global Bank, or GB2, is an American bank in India run by CEO Mr. Ronald McCain. Everything runs fine in the bank until trouble knocks one day and suddenly GB2 is the hub of a major scandal. McCain is dragged out of his office to the RBI headquarters and is told, much to his shock, that the Governor would very much like to see him.

Something goes terribly wrong in GB2, and McCain has a lot of answering to do .

They say when trouble strikes, it takes a whole lot of people down with it. Deepak Sarup is another interesting character who is introduced at this point.

A captivating tale set in a corporate background, this novel comes alive as themes of deception, lies, adultery, avarice, and fraudulence set the plot moving on an unprecedented track, which takes us not only around the nation, but also far and wide to Singapore and even Chattisgarh.

Published on September 21, 2011, the book has garnered many positive reviews, much like its prequels, and has deemed the Banking Trilogy a hit. All three books have been instant bestsellers. It has met with critical and general success and established Ravi Subramanian as one of the most prolific writers of the nation.

About Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian has been an alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and is a bestselling author.

Owing to his background in banking, all three of his fiction novels have been written in the backdrop of foreign banking. Other than The Incredible Banker, the other books are If God was a Banker and The Devil in Pinstripes. He has written one non-fiction book, which is titled I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari

Ravi Subramanian’s writing is engaging, fast-paced, and replete with twists and intrigue. He loves creating characters in his novel, and readers can find a wide array of personalities populating his books. Even though he consistently makes use of a lot of banking terminology, the enthralling plot and writing help in keeping the reader’s attention.

With a background in banking, he has had experience working with companies like Citibank, HSBC, and ANZ Grindlays. Subramanian writes columns for various newspapers and has his own personal column in The Economic Times. He currently presides as the CEO of NBFC and lives in Mumbai with his wife and daughter.

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Details of Book: The Incredible Banker

Book:The Incredible Banker
Author:Ravi Subramanian





Publishing Date:2011
Number of Pages:308

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