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Preparation  Books for ISRO Scientists/ Engineers Exam
Preparation  Books for ISRO Scientists/ Engineers Exam
There are no prep books specifically on the market for ISRO Scientist/Engineers Exam. But since everyone PSU these days is taking the GATE route their engineer recruitment, I feel the following books on GATE for

Computer Science, Electronics & Mechanical Engineering should help you in your preparation for ISRO Scientist/Engineers Exam.

These books are available in most of the bookstores, but you can also order them online by clicking the links below, from 

ACE GATE - 13 Computer Science & Information Technology: Previous Questions with Solutions Subjectwise & Chapterwise (1987 - 2012)
Author: ACE Engineering Academy,
Publisher: ACE
Cover Price: Rs. 540;
Offer Price: Rs. 459;
Discount: RS. 81/= (15%)

Arihant GATE Electronics And Communication Engineering Solved Papers (2012-2000);
Author: Manish Purbey;
Publisher: Arihant
Cover Price: Rs. 225;
 Offer Price: Rs. 203;
Discount: RS. 22/= (10%)

Arihant GATE: Mechanical Engineering Chapterwise Solved Papers (2012 - 2000) With 1 Model Paper & 2 Practice Sets;
 Author: Lalit Jain; Publisher: Arihant
Cover Price: Rs. 210;
Offer Price: Rs. 145;
Discount: RS. 65/= (31%)

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